“Everson draws on the art of Dubuffet, Alfonso Ossorio and the Outsider Art movement to create abstractions that forcefully suggest the human figure, not so much described objectively as created by the artist’s own energetic estheticism.”
Henry Geldzahler- former curator of the Department of Contemporary Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

“Michael Everson works in a variety of media with great success. His intuitive approach to media guarantees a powerful and charged image. He has an innate sense of design and color. His approach allows chance to factor in his process. This seems to reflect a belief in the natural rhythm of living that incorporates a giving up of some control to forces beyond our grasp. To engage with Everson’s work is to be stimulated to think as well as revel in the surface of his artwork.”
Mark Ormond- art historian, independent curator, writer, and lecturer

“Michael Everson’s paintings are well-crafted, fresh, inventive, and visionary. They have that undefinable something. They have magic. For their eruptive air, like some primordial outburst, the works bring the beginning of the world to mind.”
Joan Altabe- Art critic for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune

“Generally, Everson paints with an energy that builds up layers of paint. There is good decision-making going on here in regards to what elements are chosen and how they are depicted and integrated into the paintings as a whole. The paintings are diverse, and consequentially, very interesting to view.”
Kevin Dean- former Ringling College of Art and Design Gallery director

“Everson… uses wood panels for a diverse group of paintings reminiscent of Paul Klee.”
Mary Ann Marger- St. Petersburg Times